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Joe Pozerycki Jr.

A b o v e  . . .

The strategic design for the applied on-bottle label system. Consistent execution regarding size, positioning, typography, use of color, and other factors enabled this systematic approach to develop its unique brand identity and immediate recognition. Over 20 labels were developed.

About Me

I provide conceptually brilliant and superbly executed graphic design and illustration solutions that communicate clearly, persuasively, and emotionally. I work strategically, creatively, and hard — partnering with my clients to enrich their standing in various marketplaces and subsequently maintaining their accounts. With over 30 years experience in the creative industry, trust me, I possess the anti prima-donna personality. I know business, I realize and respect budgets, and I deliver — confident that I can help.

Good visual communication is good business. Knowledgeable clients get it. They're able to understand and see the value of talent conceiving, creating, and delivering visual communications in unique, appropriate, flexible and attractive methods ... to help their business efforts move forward.

A b o v e   a n d   t o   t h e   r i g h t  . . .

Strategic on-bottle labeling graphics (with an inset of Gift Set packaging graphics). A challenge was to incorporate a significant amount of information onto a very small bottle. The solution was a 2-ply label that provided a second side of expansion length to the informational area.