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Florida Unlimited

36" x 36".  Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

Interconnected 04.

48'' x 24''.  Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

Accolades Of Color 01.

20" x 20".  Acrylic paint on stretched canvas + 3D items.

Abstract Paintings

In each instance the conceptual goal is to apply an artistic method utilizing wet color, texture, and depth which capture interest to achieve harmonious art — all in one frame — and in visual tune with the targeted interior environment, complementing the ambiance of the space. The art is displayed on both residential and business walls in both large and small spaces. In the execution I strive to create custom artworks in which the viewers may experience something unique. "Eyes that have not been told what to see, see more"

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​​C o n c e p t u a l l y   b r i l l I a n t   .  .  .   s u p e r b l y   e x e c u t e d .

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