After Hoops

18'' x 9''.  Derwent Color Pencils and Prismacolor Markers  on Beinfang Drawing Paper.

​​C o n c e p t u a l l y   b r i l l I a n t   .  .  .   s u p e r b l y   e x e c u t e d .


10" x 10".  Charcoal Pencil on Beinfang Drawing Paper.

T o   t h e   r i g h t  . . .

Beachbound Morning |  Naples, FL

9" x 12''.  Graphite  Pencil on Smooth Drawing Paper.

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Joe Pozerycki Jr.

Drawings & Renderings

The visual expressions found in drawings and renderings can complement many environments and assist with presentations. Various dry or wet mediums such as pencil, watercolor, marker, and other agents used separately or in concert, plus strategic techniques and execution, all help create the intention of the artwork.

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