A custom button for a class reunion helped bring all of the attendees together as one group in the given environment.

Also designed:


Coffee & Tea


The conceptual design of large, floor-standing, shopping mall signage — all nicely arranged to reflect the messaging and personality of the enterprise. This environmental graphics panel incorporates just enough messaging  to provide the moving shopper with the clear information. 

T o   t h e   r i g h t  . . .

A design series of 2-sided banners, strategically designed and fabricated. Then installed on the store-front fascia, providing the improved product offerings.

Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics consist of unequal parts of various materials and may include architecture, industrial design, lighting, and graphic design. It brings visual elements from 2D into 3D and adds communication value to the natural, built, retail, institutional, trade show, interpretive, civic, public, and many other environments.

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