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Joe Pozerycki Jr.

A poster design that's comprised of custom staged, lit, and manipulated photographic images, texture, color, typography, and the company logo — all in concert introducing a new coffee flavor — to visually complement the messaging that's aimed at a specific target audience.

A custom logo that's applied to a wood-engraved business card holder and to the design of the 2-sided business cards which incorporate a series of different photo-images for the backs.

​​C o n c e p t u a l l y   b r i l l I a n t   .  .  .   s u p e r b l y   e x e c u t e d .

A T-shirt design to help identify the 58TEN production crew with concerts and other events.

Other Things - Graphic

Graphic Design is the most universal of all the arts. It's all around us — identifying, explaining, presenting, and helping — in both interior and exterior environments. It's very utilitarian. We engage with it everyday. As a Graphic Designer, I get immersed in the very process of bringing forth a concept, and through the various design processes, taking it through to the finished piece.

In need of graphics?

Contact me at my studio and we'll get started.