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From delicious food products to teeny-weeny manufacturing parts — high-quality photography is important, and can nicely augment presentations and / or application needs.


Photography and other forms of custom imagery can play a very important role. A well conceived photograph, composed and lit properly, helps greatly with overall intent and messaging of the piece — be it a poster, an advertisement, vehicle graphics, or whatever. The right photograph, perhaps manipulated as needed, will help carry the emotional component as it sometimes juxtaposes with typographic information and other design elements. When I set up a shot, I keep the overall goal of the image in mind to insure that it connects creatively to the aim of the communication — whether it be the one dramatic photo-image, or several that need to work well together in a single design-frame. Getting the viewer to pause for just a little bit to really take a good look at the photo-image(s) is a big objective that can benefit greatly.

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While taking a studio break — I walked out back and was lucky enough to capture the beautiful array of this flower just after a short sun-shower. It's still one of my favorites.

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